A perfect blend of elegance, comfort and style, Chanterelle Couture designs enhance women's authentic beauty.


Chanterelle Chantara of Chanterelle Couture


Chanterelle Chantara expresses her innate love of beauty and the joy of artistic creation through her design line, Chanterelle Couture.

Homeschooled on the tropical island paradise of Kauai, Chanterelle was mentored from an early age by professional designers and seamstresses. At 10 she began doing custom sewing work, and costuming for local theater and musical performances. In her early teens, she taught handcrafts at a private school. At 17 she launched her women’s clothing line, which was picked up by specialty boutiques.

Natural materials and sustainability are emphasized. Tencel (made from eucalyptus fibers in a closed loop process), hemp, bamboo, modal and silk are among her favorite fibers. Her designs are made locally.

Chanterelle is passionate about supporting a positive self image for women and she has a gift for creating elegant designs which enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Women appreciate the comfort, fit and style of Chanterelle Couture clothing. She is known for the fine quality and versatility of her designs many of which can be dressed up or down.

Chanterelle designs casual, resort, and business wear as well as evening, bridal, and red carpet couture. She especially loves creating elaborate beaded and appliquéd couture and bridal gowns. Her innate aesthetic sense, her imagination and her skilled hands engage with a palette of exquisite materials from fine cloth to crystals to create garments of breathtaking beauty.

An accomplished pianist with a particular gift for Romantic and Impressionist music, Chanterelle maintains a small teaching studio. She enjoys walking barefoot on the beach, hiking, gardening, reading, studying foreign languages, cooking and dancing, where she personally tests out designs for comfort, elegance, and fluid motion.